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My mom said I could start a blog as long as I don’t ramble. Well sorry mom, this post might be a little rambley. BUT I just have to share the teacher gifts I made for my daughters school and dance teachers this year.

I actually feel like I spoiled them, but all the work they do I know they deserve it. Plus, when I worked in the school setting I felt so grateful and appreciated when we got gifts from our students. I start looking for teacher gift ideas around Christmas time. I would love to say that I am on top of things, but I really am not. I get distracted easily and time management is anything but my friend. Hence, why I start looking early, so I at least know what I am going to do. So, I found this awesome FREE lined canvas tote bag pattern here on Craftsy. Seriously, I love craftsy, and I need to get more involved with them.

I adapted the pattern a hair by making the straps longer. I made them the 3 inches by the length of the fabric. I like long straps. I eventually want to adapt it more by adding more pockets, inside and outside.

So here are the bags in all their finished glory.

Yep, I made 6! 5 teachers and then an extra. I love how the straps go all the way to the bottom. It gives the bag extra support so they could potentially hold a good amount of weight.  I also made chap sticks, each teacher got two of those. And I made bath bombs in 3 different scents, one being lavender. All of them got one of each scent of bath bombs. I put all the items inside and then wrapped the bags up in cellophane wrapping.

I will be making a tutorial on the bath bombs in the near future! So keep an eye out for that.

But seriously, they got a tote bag, 2 chap sticks, and 3 bath bombs. How lucky were they? What did you give for teacher gifts this year? I would love to hear about it!

Until next time mommas!,





    • I have a small obsession with making gifts for people. So end of the year was a perfect excuse! 😂🙈 haha. Thank you!

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