30 Minute Bean Bag Review

This is going to be a short post while I continue to work on a big tutorial that is in the making!

I have 2 wonderful daughters, and their birthdays are in June and July. So I decided to make them both bean bag chairs. I found this great pattern from Project Nursery. My Oldest is always laying on the dog bed to watch tv, because ya know I don’t provide her with proper seating or anything. So I thought this would be perfect for her! And you know, if I make the oldest one I gotta make the youngest one as well.

My oldest loves the movie Trolls, and well I just love Minnie Mouse so those were my fabric choices. I also used flannel because I have a small flannel obsession. I just find it soft and snuggly and doesn’t make my hair static like fleece.

This bean bag chair was a very easy sew. I also made the bean bag smaller than the original pattern, since my people are so little. It is a perfect size for the both of them. This was my first time using an invisible zipper, but I almost found them easier than a regular zipper. Don’t let it scare you.

Stuffing the chairs was quite the messy party though. And I had the littles help, so I feel like it was messier than it really should have been.

She was super happy to help.

And she was super happy to eat them, sigh. *she really did not eat them, though she tried hard* 

But once they were stuffed the girls really really loved them!

*Also I really don’t know how you mommy bloggers get your kids to sit so picture perfectly with no toys in the background. Power to you. This is defiantly a skill we need to work on* 😀


ANNNNND even the dog likes the bean bag chairs. I might have to make one just for her too!

But all in all this tutorial was awesome and super easy. And I really enjoyed making it for my girls. I do not get a lot of time for selfish sewing. So this was a nice break from orders. One thing I wish I would have thought of was to make the bean bag chair out of plain fabric, and then add an inch or two on the character fabric, and have that act as a cover. That way I could take it off and wash it. Maybe next time!


And of course here’s my oldest blowing out her candles that are one her Trolls cake. She turned 4. How did that happen?

Sew On,




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