What’s for Dinner?

Who hates to cook?? *Shoots hand up in the air faster than I can type this sentence* I legit hate cooking. And laundry. And dishes. I would rather change all the poopy diapers in the world than cook dinner.  So when I have a successful dinner night I like to share!

We are SUPER healthy here in our household so we had homemade fried chicken and homemade onion rings! When I was pregnant with Little S, I wanted fried EVERYTHING. So my  hubby bought me a deep fryer to help satisfy my cravings in a more healthy way other than fast food multiple times a week.

We used this fried chicken recipe with a few modifications. We did not soak it in buttermilk because lets face it, I don’t plan dinners they are very spare of the moment. And we replaced the 1/3 cup of water with a  1/3 cup of whole milk. It made a world of a difference. Next time hubby wants to use butter milk. We did however use ORGANIC boneless skinless chicken breasts, so we had that going for us right?

Here is how it turned out. Oh my deliciousness.



Then we made onion rings! Because we were already on a roll with fried chicken so why not?! There was no real recipe for the onion rings. We did an egg and milk mixture and then dipped it in bread crumbs and we fried away.

Here is how they turned out. They tasted much better than they look.

We ended the night with a walk in the park with the dog. It’s all about balance.

Seriously though, You can’t go wrong with fried food. It’s messy but easy! I hope this helps you with one meal while your meal planning for the week!

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