Way Back Wednesday 2

Hey everyone and welcome to my second Way Back Wednesday post! I am so excited to share this weeks quilt with you guys. It is still one of my FAVORITES. And I am proud to say that I kept this one and didn’t sell it. Well my 4 year old actually kept it, but at least I can still enjoy seeing it!

I love Minnie Mouse. I am not sure if I always loved Minnie Mouse, or if my love for her began when I had my girls. Either way, that was the inspiration for this quilt. I looked at perler bead patterns, and modified it as needed. I used 4×4 in blocks. The majority of the fabric I found at Walmart in the remnant section. That is one of my favorite places to get fabrics oddly enough.

So here is the reveal!

So last weeks Way Back Wednesday was the Minecraft quilts and they were my biggest, but Minnie Mouse here is defiantly bigger. They just keep getting bigger huh?

It fits on Big S’s bed!

Complete with her Minnie Mouse pillow case.

Her head is made out of black fabric with bows all over it, and her bow is made out of pink fabric with Minnie’s all over it. Here is an up close picture of the fabrics.



I used a hot pink flannel backing because I’m obsessed with flannel. I stitched in the ditch again with this quilt. That is mostly how I quilt most of my quilts. And I finished it off with a zig zag stitch.


I really want to do a Mickey one. I hope that I can make it happen in the next couple of months. Every Minnie needs a Mickey.

Thanks for checking out my Way Back Wednesday!

Sew On,



    • Thank you! I guess I should note that the pillow case I did not make. This still one of my all time favorite quilts.

  1. Hi Tonya! I followed your link from Peggy’s website when I saw you are a new blogger. I am too – just started in February. I will follow you here on WP. Good luck and as you say, sew on. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Thank you I followed you back! I skimmed over your page. Will check it out more in depth later tonight. Fancy fox is next Wednesday’s way back Wednesday post 😉

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