What’s For Dinner? Smoked Pork

You guys! I am a terrible cook and I hate doing it. So when my hubby got a smoker, and ROCKS it, it pretty much saved our marriage haha. I love when he smokes meats, and when he does it we usually have enough to last the week! Another bonus. In this post I am going to share with you the pork he smoked the other day. Delicious.

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Supplies Used

-Roasting Rack

Killer Hogs A.P. Rub

Killer Hogs Bbq Rub

Butcher Bbq Hickory Season Salt

-Smoker of your choice. We have this one

-We also use this to help control the temperature


-Cookie Sheets

Prep Your Meat

-Trim off the fat, and other any meat nasties you may find. Then rinse off your meat and pat dry.

-Use your A.P. Rub. We do not always do this step, just depends on what the hubby feels like doing that day

-Next you can cover your meat in olive oil or mustard, we used mustard.

Lather that bad boy up!

-Then you put your rub on. You want a good decent amount of it too. We had two pork butts, so we used two different rubs. Pick your poison.


All the access rub shakes off onto the cookie sheet. Having the roasting rack helps the rub to adhere to the meat.

– Then you put those big chunks of delicious meat on to your preheated smoker. Hubby likes to have his temp to 250 degrees.

Let them sit in there for about 3 hours. Covered. Every 30 minutes or so hubby goes out and spritzes them with apple juice to help keep the meats MOOOIST.

They will start to get darker.

And darker. Hello beautiful.

-Then you will wrap them in foil and keep them on for about 3 more hours. Covered. It is roughly 1 hour per pound of meat for total cook time. So adjust your times accordingly.


-Check the meat periodically to see if it starts falling apart. It can be a lengthy process but oh my god is it ever so worth it!

-When it gets to your liking take it off the heat and let it rest for half an hour.

-Then start pulling it apart.

That red/pinkish color is a combination of the smoke and the rub. It’s so delicious.

Hubby made me help him pull it apart. I basically put 5 pieces in my mouth and 1 piece back in the pan. Haha, How could I resist?!

His pork and beef are my favorite things that he smokes.

This is defiantly something that needs to be done on the weekend. But it can help with weekly meal planning. I hope this helps!

What are some things that you like to smoke?

Until Next Time,



    • haha yes it is! But I do end up food saving half of each. Which is nice bc then we can pull it out of the freezer later. And You can try to borrow him 😀 haha

    • You should! It’s so good! He wants me to do more smoking posts and I can’t say no! I still get views on it daily so!

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