The Easiest Dog Bandana Tutorial


Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope you are enjoying your holiday.


I get a lot of orders for dog bandanas. So I thought I would show you how I make mine!

They are super easy and a lot of fun to make. This pattern is for bandanas that feed through the dog collar. This tutorial is specific for a small sized dog. We have a Cocker Spaniel, she is 4 months old and is currently 16 pounds, and this size bandana fits perfectly for her. You can easily adapt this pattern for different sized dogs. Play around with it, and adjust it to how you would want it to look. I always find patterns as a guide tool. I hardly ever stick to them to a T. I use them to learn how to do things, and 9 chances out of 10 I adapt the pattern to how I want it to look. Though I could change this statement once I ever start making clothes!

You Will Need

Pattern paper. Honestly just use whatever you use to make your patterns, I used newspaper for mine!

Fabric, you will cut on the fold so you will need enough to fit your pattern

Scissors or rotary cutter


Here’s How

Make your pattern. Here is what Braixen Puppy’s looks like:

12 inches across, and that is on the fold, in the middle I went down 10 inches and on the sides it is 2 inches. Then I connected the bottom tip to the sides. And then I cut out the newspaper.

Place the pattern on the fabric and cut it out, remembering to have the top on the fold.

Open up your bandana and have the right side facing down.

Fold in your side 1/2 an inch and press (My picture shows that I folded my side 2 times each at 1/4 of an inch. Why? I don’t know, I have been making tote bags lately so I think I just had “don’t show raw edges” in my mind because I was adding a lot of pockets.) But folding it in once at 1/2 an inch will help with less bulk in the end.

Then fold the bandana, right sides together. Sew together, leaving a gap to turn around.

Clip your corners.

Turn bandana right side out and press

Top stitch all around except the top.

Fold the top over and pin in place, This will create the casing for the collar to feed through

Sew across

And then feed through the collar.

Voila your done!


Isn’t she so cute?

You can piece it together to make it reversible. I also have done this when I had enough fabric, but not enough to cut on the fold. You will just sew the two pieces together to have it act as the fold

Pieced together

I’ve also gotten fancy with them and added names

And I’ve extended the sides to have them act as strings for tie on bandanas


Here are some other Happy Furry Customers


Have fun with it!





  1. Oh my gosh! Those are sooo cuuute! I think my sister and I would love making those for our dogs Texas, Grizzly, and Tinkerbell!

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