Way Back Wednesday. Skull Quilt.

I am not really a skull fan, but when I was brainstorming quilt ideas with a friend for a quilt for her we came up with this. And I LOVE it. I love black and white. And then when I had a second customer come to me and ask for the same quilt but with a Day of the Dead spin to it I was totally excited!!

I made the black and white skull quilt first. I found a perler bead pattern for the skull and adjusted accordingly. When I first laid it out it pretty much covered my whole floor, and I wasn’t even at the nose yet. So I had to down size drastically.

And this is how it turned out.

All that beautiful black and white. I really love how this turned out. And I really will get better at pictures. *I hope*

And here is what this beauty looks like on a twin size bed.

So cool! She chose a skull fabric for the back that had a silver finish to it.

Then I had a customer come to me about a quilt she wanted for her Mexican heritage. And we came up with a Sugar Skull quilt to represent the Day of the Dead. I used my pattern for the black and white skull, but just modified it to resemble the Sugar Skull.

Here is what the finished piece looked like.

It’s in its freshly washed wrinkly glory. I love the bright colors that was added into this version.

And again, here it what it looks like on a twin sized bed.

She chose a pink flannel back. I couldn’t say no. Pink and flannel are my favorites.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Way Back Wednesday!




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