10 Ways to Plan a Birthday Party With Less Stress

My youngest just turned one. *Insert major sobbing* Why is it so emotional when they turn one? We wanted to celebrate her first big milestone so naturally we had a birthday party. I complied a list of tips and tricks that helped me plan a birthday party for her that was less stressful for me!

1. Rent a Place – This was without a doubt my lifesaver. I am lucky though and could have the party at my parents house who have a pool. If you don’t have a hook up like I thankfully do, rent a place. Why? You don’t have to worry about cleaning your house. And you don’t have to worry about the kids messing it up before the party even starts! And if you rent a place at a park or a pool there will be entertainment for your kiddos! My parents did have to prep their yard before the party, Sorry mom! But we did leave them all the leftover food!

2. Make a List – The people who really know me and are reading this are probably laughing at this. I am the most unorganized person ever. But getting semi organized is a goal of mine. So make a list! For my oldest I made a list of presents she wanted and things she needed. When someone asked what she wanted I gave them an item or two off the list. It was harder to do for my little though. I have 2 girls so I felt like we already had it all. I did end up getting a small list together, like the week of her party. And even added to it the day before. Ya know, for last minute shoppers.

3. If someone asks to help say yes! – I know asking for help can be hard for some people, but just do it. I had someone ask if they could bring any food. I said yes! They brought brought chips and it was nice! One less thing I had to worry about.

4. Order a Cake – We live in a time where DIY is almost essential. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOOVE DIY. But come one. Just order a damn cake. It will most likely look better, and it might taste better too. And then that’s one less thing you have to do, minus picking it up.

5. Keep Decorations Simple – Especially for littles. This party was for a one year old. She isn’t going to remember the teepee that was there for people to take pictures or play in. Keep it simple. Balloons and your good! I actually had none! Plus if you rent a place, like at a park or a pool, there will be an activity there to entertain the kiddos anyway. No need for you to do it.

6. Menu Plan and Food Prep – This is key! Plan your menu, know where you are having the party to help know what kind of food to buy. We had plan to do the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs months before the party. One time we went for our typical grocery trip and both hamburgers and hot dogs were on sale for buy one get one free. Lucky us right? We were able to get 40 hamburgers and 50 hot dogs for a good deal. In addition to this anything you can prep the day before will be helpful too.

7. Do a Facebook Event – I really wanted to send out invitations in the mail. I had my dad create one to match her small theme. But when I went to go print them they would come out blurry, or couldn’t read some of it. I tried different paper, different sizes. I gave up so I used the image of the invite and put it in a Facebook event for her party. I didn’t have to worry about getting addresses, buying stamps, and mailing them out. Time and money saver win! I think I had to call 2 people and email one person the party details. Otherwise it was all Facebook.

8. Present Shop Early – Typically we try to shop for a present one time a month. So yes this takes planning. We do this so we don’t break the bank. And if we are out and one of the girls seems to like something we make a mental note and go back to get it when we can. Like when my parents take my oldest to church, or nap time. And now that both girl’s birthdays are over we will slowly start to do our Christmas shopping. Yes, I said Christmas!

9. Have One Party for Family and Friends – I don’t know if this is a new trend or what. But seriously just have one freaking party. You don’t need one for the dads side of the family, and then the moms side of the family, and then your kids friends. Just have one big party. If you know my kid, friend or family, your considered family. I want all of you guys there the same day. Not different days at different parties. Plus that’s so much extra work, money, and STRESS!

10. Use Plasticware – This should be pretty self explanatory, but use plastic or paper plates, cups, and silverware. You can even use disposable table clothes which you can buy at the dollar store! Then when the party is over you don’t have to wash the dishes on top of other clean up!


I hope these tips and tricks help you out. Have any I missed? I’d love to hear about them. I’m always looking for ways to do things in a less stressful manner.



  1. Good ideas. I never wanted to do a birthday party at home, though I did. The clean up alone was daunting. But you really do need to have a list handy so when friends ask, “How can I help?” you know just what to say!

    • We did a small one for my oldest 4th. It was terrible but I made it so laid back and only provided cake and ice cream! Haha

  2. Really great tips! I am all for a no-stress birthday party. The less we do, the better – we need to concentrate on the fun, not the work!! I hope the party was exciting!

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