Way Back Wednesday. Sunflower Quilt

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I love doing these Way Back Wednesday series. Gives me a chance to showcase some of my work for you guys. And not to mention it buys me time while I continue to come up with content for you all!

This quilt is so beautiful. I really had a hard time letting it go. I know it is in a great home now though. And that makes me very happy. It was an order I received for Mother’s Day. I found this pattern on Pinterest. Really, I can’t believe I had to look on Pinterest to come up with this pattern. But sometimes when you have an inspiration block you need that extra help!

So here it is. The Sunflower Mother’s Day quilt in all her glory.

Wrinkly fresh from being washed.

It’s a little busy, but I think it all works so well together. I have received many compliments on this quilt.

It is a small lap quilt. And the back is a grey cotton. I just love it!

It will defiantly brighten up any room that it is in!



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