The Best Appetizer for Your Summer Picnic


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Hey Guys! Sorry I missed my post day yesterday. I had issues with the server and I had to login to live chat and have them help me out. But clearly all is well now!

It’s summer time and picnics are in full swing! Whether it’s family, friends, or parties there seems to always be a picnic to attend. I am going to share with you one of my favorite dishes for you to take to your next picnic. But honestly, we make these whenever we feel like stuffing our faces with these bad boys. We learned about this wonderful treat while my husband was in the Marine Corps. One of his buddies was from Texas and he told us about them. He would take chicken and soak it in Italian dressing and then put it on top of the cream cheese. We have tried it like this, but we prefer it with out the chicken. Give the chicken a try if you want!

What You Need

10-20 Jalapeños

1 Large tub of Your Favorite Cream Cheese

1 Pack of Your Favorite Bacon

Toothpicks (Optional but helpful)

Cookie Sheets

These awesome roasting racks

What To do

Preheat oven to 350

First you will take the Jalapeños and cut them in half long ways and gut it. Wash out those seeds.

Once they are good and seed free you will dry them off on a cookie sheet with paper towels. Have a second cookie sheet set up with the roasting racks and start filling them with cream cheese.

You may need more than one cookie sheet, depending on how many jalapeños you use. Depending on the size of the jalapeños we cut the bacon in half, sometimes even thirds. These were bigger so we cut the bacon in half and wrapped it around the jalapeños.

Yum. You can add toothpicks to each one as well to help secure the bacon.

Then you pop them in the oven. We have grilled them before, but again we prefer them in the oven. But try it out if you want!

Cook times vary. We cook until the bacon has a crisp to it.

Oh they are so good. I am not a spicy food lover, but I LOVE these!!

The racks help the jalapeños not sit in the bacon grease which helps make the bacon less soggy and more crispy.

Not a lot of my family likes spicy. So sometimes we make these just to ensure we have some to take home, but shhh don’t tell. I hope you make these and enjoy them as much as my immediate family does.


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