Flash Back Friday

So here am I just chilling on the couch with my pup,and I just realized I didn’t post my blog on Wednesday!! What the heck is wrong with me! It’s Friday and I only now realized this?!

I have no clue what is on my face. 

Well since I normally do Way Back Wednesdays and for whatever reason I didn’t, Today it will be Flash Back Friday! And this FBF is really old. I made this quilt top anywhere from 5-7th grade. I don’t remember exactly when.

But considering I’ll be 30 later this year, this is old! And it’s still my most favorite and most used quilt in my house!

I have to say though at this age I was only making the tops. And my grandma was quilting and self binding them for me.

She did a fabulous job. Centering all those so well.

I love this floral print. Like a lot.

This quilt has a lot of love in it. But for how old it is and how often it is used it sure is holding up very well!!

I hope you loved this beauty as much as I love snuggling on the couch with it.

Oh I always wanted to share this!

That happened earlier this week. THANK YOU EVERYONE! 😁


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