Beach Tote Hack 

Who loves a good beach tote?? I know I do. And while I didn’t make it to the beach yet this year my daughter did. So I decided she needed a new beach bag for her week long adventure. This thing is huge! I mean she can fit inside it huge.

I found the pattern Here.

I have made 3 of them this size so far.

They are great and huge! The one that I am focusing on in this post is the blue and white striped one.

I made it. I finished it. And I gave it to the person who I made it for. But it wasn’t perfect. So she gave it back and I ripped it apart. 😱

I revamped the whole thing. I put in a hard bottom and two hard sides. And I made the straps bigger and put interfacing in them to make them more strong. It turned out fabulous!

See the difference?? It stands up on its own now.

The second hack I made with this bag is I downsized it for one of them. I took 5 inches off of every pattern piece. It’s so cute.

I also added a hard bottom and sides to this one. And a zipper top.

They look so cute together.

I will be making these again. And will probably test out more sizes! These bags are amazing!


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