Water Proof Bag

I had a friend ask me if I could make water proof bags. I had no doubt about making bags but I was a little curious as to how I was going to make it water proof. She wanted it to be water proof on the inside. I had clear vinyl that I thought I could use on the inside over top of cotton fabric, but that was so much work. So I did a little research and ‘discovered’ oil cloth. I say ‘discovered’ because I had known about it and knew it was water proof, but I never needed to use it before so I didn’t think anything of it.


She wanted two different sizes, a gallon sized bag and a quart sized bag. I took ziplock bags and added 3 inches to the length and width of each bag to get my desired sizes. The outside of the bag I used a cotton and duck fabric. I wanted a little bit of extra support on the bottom plus it made the bag look pretty.

And then the inside of the bags I used the oil cloth.

I put the panels wrong sides together and sewed on the zipper.

Then I opened the zipper halfway, put the sides wrong sides together and sewed the edges. Then I squared the corners.

Corners squared and the bag is inside out.

I added a pocket on the inside and an elastic band to help hold her brushes in place.


I finished off the inside seams with a zig zag stitch to help the cotton from fraying and to make it look more finished.

Then I turned the bags right side out! And they were done.

Look how cute they are together.

If you removed the pocket and the elastic band these would make great wet bags for mommas who use cloth diapers. Could be an excellent baby shower present! I also thought they would work great for shower stuff when traveling. Then it doesn’t matter as much if the inside is wet or if there is a small leak.

You could make all different sizes for all different uses.


Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial!


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