How to Decorate a Shirt Without a Sewing Machine

Appliqué is easily one of my favorite things to do with sewing. The possibilities are endless. Print off a shape or design you want and bam! You got a nice piece for a shirt, hand towel, tote bag, you name it you can do it… long as you can iron it on to the surface that is. Then you just stitch around the edges and your golden.

I love appliqué so much I wanted to figure out a way that my non sewing friends could enjoy it too. I found this heat n bond ultra hold that requires a NO SEW FINISH! It was perfect.

You can pick this roll up at Walmart for like 8 bucks.

I just had a baby shower to go to over the weekend (be on the lookout for another post about the baby shower revealing my awesome gifts to the mom to be) and I had the honor of creating a onesie and bib decorating station. All that was needed was an iron! The mom got cute shirts for her baby, and her guests were able to create them for her.

So here it what you do!

For this I used fabric that already had designs on it, her theme was ocean theme, so I went with that!

You cut off a piece of the heat n bond and iron it on to your fabric.

If you semi cut out the shapes before ironing cover with a paper towel so your iron doesn’t get all sticky! Then you will just pull the paper towel off when finished.

Once you iron on your shapes you cut them out.

Here is a progress picture

Then I took them to the baby shower! And laid them out.

You just peel the back off the shapes and iron them on to the shirts. It’s that simple! Plus the heat n bond packaging has the directions written on it! So you don’t really need my blog post at all! haha

They turned out so cute!

I’ve done some for my girls for the Forth of July

And I’ve done a set for a first birthday party. The kids were able to decorate the shirts, with supervision, don’t want anyone burning themselves. The kids could make one for the birthday girl, one for themselves to take home as a party favor, or both! They turned out super cute as well.

This is a lot of fun! And it is so easy to do. So when your planning your next shirt decorating party think of doing these!

As much as we don’t want to admit, the holidays are coming! These would make great gifts. Or you could decorate your Thanksgiving table cloth! Have fun!


This happened over the weekend. Thanks everyone! 😀


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