Oh So Sweet Baby Quilt

I have been failing miserably at posting on my scheduled days. I am supposed to post on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. I forget almost every Monday. Do you know when I remembered about my blog on Monday? Yep, when I was in bed half asleep. So I think I will be changing my schedule to Wednesday’s and Friday’s and see how that goes. I hope you guys don’t mind! Because hopefully that way you will be seeing more blog content from me.

I love making quilts! It’s one of the things a specialize in with my sewing career. I love trying new styles and I love having creative freedom in an order. One of my close friends is pregnant! So I of course wanted to make a quilt for her baby shower. She told me her theme, and we talked about different styles that she liked. I also showed her fabric choices and got the O.K. from her. But that was all she knew. She didn’t see it till her baby shower. I love it! And I am currently working on another baby quilt the same style as this!

Here it is all laid out on my living room floor. Not even ironed! I wanted to see the layout.

Then I went to my mom’s house because she has a fancy machine that I don’t have. I used it to cut out letters for the appliqué.

So it might not be really fancy, but I don’t have one so it’s fancy to me ha!


Custom shelf my dad made her. It’s pretty awesome. And yes, they chose the obnoxious bright orange, green, and yellow paint. 

So we loaded that bad boy up and started cutting.

My mom even made this “Did you flip your design” sticker to help her remember to flip her design while working. Yea, We didn’t do that even with the warning. So the baby’s name came out backwards! HA. ANNNNND then we realized that if we just would have but the fabric side up then we wouldn’t have had the need to flip our design. You win some and lose some!

I felt it needed something more than just his name, so I added the anchors too.

Here it is up close, finished, and in it’s freshly washed wrinkly glory.

TA-DA!  I love it! And I’m pretty sure momma to be loves it too! And I hope baby Carter loves it just as much. I sadly didn’t take a picture of Momma holding the quilt. What was I thinking?!?! I’ll ask her for one!

Like I said I’m working on another quilt same style as this so I will most likely share that with you guys too!


  1. Hi Tonya,
    I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering where you were. You were about to get a callout, so I’m glad you posted. Love this quilt – and the name and anchors really make it over the top adorbs. I am sure Carter and his mom will love it, and feel all the love stitched in every stitch. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Haha I knew I was gonna get called out by someone! Back to school is coming up too so hopefully I keep up. I don’t write blog posts ahead of time. I have a month of topic/ideas. I just don’t write them early. Maybe I’ll have to start doing that!

  2. Cute! Love the gender neutral colours. Did you quilt it all at once or as you pieced together on your sewing machine or did you long arm it? I have a bear of a time quilting larger items on my home machine. ~cheers

  3. Very adorable! Mom must be thrilled! Don’t worry about a posting routine. Do it when you have time and feel like it. That way it will remain a joy, and not turn into a job! Have a great weekend!

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