W.I.P. It Wednesday

I have had a very busy week! But that is a good thing. My oldest started preschool this week, and I went back to work this week. Only 3 days a week. Guess where I am working?! At my daughter’s preschool! I am turning into one of “those moms”. The schedule fit with mine, and I do have a background in special education so it was just perfect for what I was looking for!

Remember the Oh So Sweet Baby Quilt post a few weeks ago, and how I said I was working on another one? Well I finished it. It’s for a little girl. I’m obsessed. It is so stinking cute!

I love the purples and pop of yellow. I hope she has many sweet dreams with this quilt.

I am currently working on a crib set! My first one! But it is much easier than I thought! I have the crib sheet done, and the bed skirt is almost finished. The crib skirt is red and black plaid. It will match the animals on the crib sheet. It will look so cute together!

I’m thankful my youngest is still in a crib so I could use her mattress to test this out! I would have been so nervous otherwise. She also ordered a baby blanket. I finished that in a day. I love making baby blankets, they are easily one of my favorite things to make.

Daddy likes to fish, and I sent her pictures of fabrics for the crib sheet and this fabric was in the background and she saw it.

I am also working on a few bonus items for her because she is helping me by babysitting my youngest. Our regular sitter is in Russia on a missions trip. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the bonus items.

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that I hand stamped these bears onto the fabric. If you don’t follow me I have a follow me link on my homepage!


I finished up a baby bib order last week. Here’s my favorite from the set that I made.

Owls. I love them.

I am also working on a wedding quilt order! And I really can’t wait to show you guys the finished piece! Here’s a sneak peak. Please don’t judge my tree. I don’t love it, but once I add everything else it will look fine!

I have a vendor event coming up in October, so I am starting to prep some things for that.

Lanyards are on the list for my vendor event. Because they are quick and easy.

Coffee cozy’s are also on the list. I’m still working on the pattern. I think it needs to be broader. It is smaller than the pink one that is attached to my coffee cup. Because who doesn’t love to drink coffee in style? Plus it helps ween out my leftover batting stash!

Once I finish the wedding quilt, I will of course show you guys! But I will be starting my two Christmas quilt orders that I got already!!

Busy Busy Busy!! And my quilt a longs have been pushed to the back burner.  What are you guys currently working on?



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